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Line Managers’ Human Resource Management Responsibilities

Line Managers’ Human Resource Management Responsibilities


According to one expert, "The direct handling of people is, and always has been, an integral part of every line manager's responsibility, from president down to the lowest-level supervisor.


For example, one major company outlines its line supervisors' responsibilities for effective human resource management under the following general headings:


1.  Placing the right person on the right job

2.  Starting new employees in the organization (orientation)

3.  Training employees for jobs that are new to them

4.  Improving the job performance of each person

5.  Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships

6.  Interpreting the company's policies and procedures

7.  Controlling labor costs

8.  Developing the abilities of each person

9.  Creating and maintaining departmental morale

10. Protecting employees health and physical condition

In small organizations, line managers may carry out all these personnel duties unassisted. But as the organization grows, they need the assistance, specialized knowledge, and advice of a separate human resource staff.